Spirituality and Medicine

Towards Spiritual-Body Psychotherapy

The expression “Life is not for the faint-hearted!” has never been more true than it is today. The world that we have grown up with is crumbling which causes us to deeply question our roles and what is needed in the healing profession.

Answers are found only if we move to the causes and not the symptoms of illness, which is the next step in medicine.

To do this, we must study our etheric body and how our thoughts and feelings are programmed in our physical body as either illness or health. We will examine illusions that create an erroneous life view and the struggle that exists between the ego’s Newtonian view and the Self’s quantum reality.

How you benefit from this program:

  • Eliminate the common illusions of the ego
  • Negative qualities that hinder healing
  • Positive qualities for sustainable physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being
  • The heart as a conscious organ.
  • Develop active alertness and acceptance of ‘what is’
  • Practice meditation & other techniques to facilitate healing
  • How medical professions can integrate their traditional training in this development.

Who would benefit:

Those working in medical settings such as doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, medical researchers and nurses, as well as anyone wanting to investigate this topic.


If you would like to host a workshop with Tanis in your area, please contact us at info@iitransform.com