Transform Your Work 2

Prerequisite: Transform Your Work-1

In Transform Your Work – 2 we consolidate the learning from Transform Your Work-1.

How you benefit from this program:

  • Build on your spiritual intelligence strengths and implement strategies for improving weak areas
  • Align your personality goals to your soul’s purpose and measure your performance in attaining your goals
  • Discover 7 career paths to make your work more meaningful
  • Apply laws of attraction for building relationships
  • Learn 7 powers to build self-mastery
  • Balance and integrate your wisdom, love and will in your daily life
  • Discover the principles of servant leadership and develop inner leadership
  • Expand your intuition and creativity through exercises
  • Learn to use natural cycles to regulate life and work balance
  • Co-create with others who want to make a difference in the world

Coming soon as self-study.

“Tanis Helliwell has the unique ability to help people to see within themselves and find untapped sources of strength, energy and passion. Tanis is a special guide for all those willing to embark on the journey towards personal fulfillment and life balance.”
Larry Hulsmans, Executive Director, Leadership Development Programs, The Banff Centre