The International Institute for Transformation believes that human beings are called to become conscious creators who work with the spiritual laws that govern our world. Global and organizational transformation happens through the transformation of individuals. We are committed to support individuals to achieve self-mastery in their life, work, and world, and to create ongoing communities for transformation.

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International Institute for Transformation

Head Office
Diamond Heart
1766 Hollingsworth Rd.
Powell River, BC, Canada, V8A 0M4


Representatives in Canada, USA and Germany 

BC  International Institute for Transformation

  • Connie Phenix, #1304, 120 Milross Ave., Vancouver, BC V6A 4K7
  • Merle Dulmadge, 8340 Lorenzen Lane, Lantzville, BC V0R 2H0

Alberta  International Institute for Transformation

  • Judy Atkinson, #1203, 7171 Coach Hill Rd. SW. Calgary, AB T3H 3R7

Saskatchewan  International Institute for Transformation

  • Laura Harris, 239-1st St. E., Saskatoon, SK S7H 1R8

Manitoba  International Institute for Transformation

  • Shelly Ferec-Legal, 174 Leighton Ave., Winnipeg, MB R2K OJ2

Ontario   International Institute for Transformation

  • Margaret Mills, 246 Cairnsmore Circle, Ottawa, ON K2I 0G5
  • Janet Rouss, 65 Mortimer Avenue, Toronto, ON  M4K 1Z9
New York  International Institute for Transformation
  • Nanson Serianne, 6 Wallace Drive, Glen Falls, NY, USA  12801-3173

MO  International Institute for Transformation

  • Sally Burnley, 2006 Iris Drive, Columbia, MO 65202-1237


Head Office  International Institute for Transformation in Germany

  • Christoph Wasser, Bergstr.4., 79256 Buchenbach, Germany

Berlin  International Institute for Transformation

  • Katherine Wilde, Kadettenweg 81, 12205 Berlin, Germany


  • Pien Van der Goes, Damweg 40, 3785 LL Zwartebroek, The Netherlands