What is Your Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)?

Spiritual Intelligence Test

What is Spiritual Intelligence and what is its relationship with Spiritual Transformation? 
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Are you having difficulties in either your personal or work relationships?

Do you have a high IQ and good EQ (Emotional intelligence) but still feel there’s something missing?

We invite you to join the thousands of individuals who have benefited from understanding and developing their SQ with Tanis Helliwell’s Spiritual Intelligence Test (SQ).


In this workbook and spiritual intelligence (SQ) test discover:

  • New ways of solving problems
  • How your brain is wired for SQ
  • How meditation changes your brain
  • What problems arise from lack of SQ
  • What are the benefits from developing your SQ
  • How to use powerful meditation tools to access your innate SQ.

Do you want to find a new way of solving problems and fulfill your purpose in life?

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Three types of intelligence determine our inner and outer success in life.

  1. IQ ( intellectual or rational intelligence) Usually equated with having high logical, strategic, mathematical and linguistic talents. Good for solving problems.
  2. EQ (emotional intelligence) Equally important as IQ in determining success. People with a high EQ relate well with others, have high self-esteem and respond appropriately to situations.
  3. SQ (Spiritual Intelligence)  Not a recognized intelligence to date, but just as essential to our well-being. Puts our individual lives in larger context. Gives meaning and purpose in life and allows us to create new possibilities. SQ allows us to utilize our IQ and EQ in a unified way to express our gifts in the world that betters not only our life, but also all beings. SQ is truly a global intelligence. It is found in great leaders, such as Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Having SQ will increasingly become a determiner of success in the 21st century and beyond.

On Spiritual Transformation

Excerpt from an article by Tanis Helliwell

If you are undergoing a spiritual transformation it might feel as if you are losing control of your life, and perhaps even questioning your identity. This feeling, however, is just your personality’s fear of losing control. In actuality it is an indication of strength and spiritual and emotional maturity when a person undergoes this spiritual crisis.

In our western world there is little support for people to undergo spiritual transformation. Very few people enjoy the luxury of quitting their jobs and going to India for the rest of their life to meditate. Nor is this necessary. None of us are given more than we can handle. We are set up to succeed in this transformation and not to fail. This means that if we are married, have children, have a nine to five job that we can do this and still succeed at our spiritual transformation. This is likewise true even if we are divorced, do not get on with our children, and have just been fired from our job. Each of us is given just what is needed to assist us with our transformation.

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10 Qualities to assist you with your spiritual transformation

Developing our spiritual intelligence and fostering spiritual transformation are vital to the evolution of humanity and our world.

I would like to offer you the qualities that I think are important to become a successful human being.

1. Realize that your gifts are unique. Each of us has things that we do well and other things that we do not do well. When doors close in our face to a goal that we think we want that is because our talents and abilities are not in that area. We need to release the goals, which will not manifest and go through the doors that open for us. Don’t keep banging on the closed doors.

2. Pain in life is often unavoidable. Many of you are divorced or have come from unhappy families; many have already had painful illnesses. Others of you have fallen in love and the one you loved did not love you. Some of you have failed in many ways. We have two choices when confronted with pain. The first choice is to moan and groan about how life’s not fair, drink too much and use drugs to dull the pain. The second choice is to learn humility—which we never learn if we get everything we want—and forgiveness for others who hurt us, and compassion for others and ourselves because we realize everyone without exception experiences some kind of pain. This last approach makes us better human beings and draws others to us.

3. There are no accidents. We need to embrace opportunities that come our way, no matter how strange or how scared we are of failing. To do this, we must be open and receptive and have courage to continually try new things. Yes, we risk failure but to risk we must because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing, which leads to a boring and mediocre life rather than one that is lived fully and full of joy.

4. Be grateful for opportunities that are given to you and for people who are kind and generous. When you put two people together you either have more than two or less than two. so assist people who need your gift and ask for help from others who have a gift you need.

5. The fifth quality in how to be a successful human is having a good sense of humour and the ability to laugh at yourself. Take yourself lightly and you’ll bounce back on track quickly.

6. Realize that there are many kinds of intelligence and being smart. Students who get the highest marks at university have high IQ, which is intellectual intelligence. If these students work hard they may be able to go into masters and doctoral programs and from there into careers where academic success is essential. Lest you think having emotional intelligence is not as important as having a high IQ, data indicates that emotional intelligence is one of the highest predictors of success in both life and work.

7. The seventh quality that is needed is to commit to doing the best you can. Each of us has a different starting place and no one but us knows how much we have given to achieving our goal. Whether others think you are a success is not nearly as important as your pride in yourself that comes from showing up fully and doing your best.

8. The eighth quality needed to be successful is never to give up.  Perseverance and optimism about life are very important to success.

9. Tell the truth and be honest. I strongly believe that the millions of people around the world have the range of gifts that will take humanity and the Earth into its next stage in evolution.

10.The tenth quality is alignment to the natural and spiritual laws on which our world is founded. It is dedicating our lives to make a positive difference in the world in whatever profession or work we choose. This quality I call SQ or spiritual intelligence. It is realizing that we are not alone. Whether you wish to call this God or subatomic physics doesn’t matter. What matters is that we have reverence for all life human and non-human and realize that we are guardians on this planet Earth and each of us, old and young alike breath the same air every day and share our life together. Let us share it in love and gratitude and develop wisdom of the heart as well as wisdom of the mind. This is the last key to being a successful human. I wish you a journey full of joy and learning. – Tanis Helliwell

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