Message from the Ancestors and Elementals of Hawaii

Tanis in Hawaii

Message from the Ancestors A short time ago I had the good fortune to be in Oahu and to visit many of the ancient Hawaiian sites. The ancestors of King Kamehameha 111and Queen Kalama of Hawaii had a message for us that they asked me to share. They said that “Now in Hawaii and all around the world the guardians of sacred sites are being called on to activate these sites again because these … [Read more...]

Hybrids: So You Thought You Were Human

tanis in labyrinth

An Interview with Tanis Helliwell by Verena Deeken QUESTION: Tanis, I understand that you are giving a course on hybrids. How would you describe a hybrid? ANSWER: I write about hybrids in my new book Decoding Your Destiny and I have been teaching about them for the last five years. This has evolved from my teaching on elementals as many people in those courses came because they felt they … [Read more...]

Newsletter, April 2012

spring april 2012 newsl

Happy Spring! Inside: - Happy Spring - Certified Trainers and Graduates - Hybrids: So You Thought You Were Human Link Here for our April Newsletter Keep in touch and sign up for our newsletter – in the form on the right sidebar. … [Read more...]

Elementals and Nature Spirits

Elementals and Nature Spirits DVD

Link Here to buy Elementals and Nature Spirits DVD Learn to work and play with elementals, also called nature spirits, in this informative and engaging DVD with real images of elementals. Tanis Helliwell, well-known for her work with elementals, also called nature spirits, brings us easily into her world. Her new DVD is informative while being entertaining. With the good-humoured spirit akin to … [Read more...]

Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns: A true story of a mystical tour of Ireland

Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns

Discover the mischievous, wise humour that the Irish call "The Craic." Link Here to Buy Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns paperback Link Here for Kindle version  Tanis Helliwell's book Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns: a true story of a mystical tour of Ireland is a romp to the sacred sites of Ireland accompanied by a leprechaun who is helping her and her thirty fellow pilgrims face their blind … [Read more...]

Decoding Your Destiny: Keys to humanity’s transformation

Decoding your Destiny - feature

Fulfill your spiritual destiny and become a conscious creator! Link Here to Buy Decoding Your Destiny paperback Link Here for Kindle version  Decoding Your Destiny is a road map for humanity. This book contains what you need to prepare for the transformation of the world as we know it and to embrace the new reality. Where have we come from? Where are we now? Where are we … [Read more...]

September News Bulletin

IIT Sept. News Bulletin

Our most recent News Update with upcoming September events.   Keep in Touch, subscribe to the IIT Newsletter – look for the subscription form – below right. … [Read more...]

IIT in France – Photos

angel guardian

"My French publisher, Francois Deport, organized a super workshop for over 40 people in southern France in Cathar country and what wonderful energies for the elementals and us." - Tanis click thumbnail for larger image … [Read more...]

February-March Newsletter 2011

Newsletter Feb-March 2011-thm

Link to the full newsletter HERE St. Paddy’s Day An Evening with Tanis Helliwell and Lloyd 'The Leprechaun We celebrate the release of the long-awaited DVD Elementals and Nature Spirits Location: St. James Community Square, 3214 W.10th (at Trutch) in Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC Time: March 17th from 7:30 to 9:30 pm Fee: $10 includes book & DVD discount and Irish music To Buy … [Read more...]