The Hindu-Vedic Tradition Through a Christian Lens

Journey into Consciousness

One thousand years before the birth of Christianity the Vedas of India taught the spiritual laws that exist to this day in India and 500 years before the birth of Jesus, Krishna spoke of Christian virtues. Is it possible that Jesus studied with the saints of India? There are many who say so. In any case, it is clear that both Jesus and Krishna are both One with Christ.

  • In this workshop you will see how Hindu and Vedic spirituality comes through a Christian lens.
  • You will study the seeds of wisdom given by several enlightened teachers in the Hindu and Vedic tradition because they intimately know these higher states.  In the evenings, we will see some videos on them.
  • Jesus’ life is a clear and pertinent example of the predictable steps that each of us will follow to attain consciousness. Jesus told the secrets of initiation to the common people through parables and moral stories. He did this to raise the consciousness of the common man to a point where he, or she, would be able to grasp the deeper significance of these teachings and be transformed by them.
  • The Hindu-Vedic Tradition Through a Christian Lens will consist of an equal balance in experiential practice. We will have silent meditation to deepen our awareness of our center and our stillness.  There will also be time to ask questions about your own process.
  • This Journey into Consciousness is an experiential journey into the stillness of the heart.

Tanis-Helliwell-april-2013Tanis Helliwell, M.Ed.,is a leading-edge psychotherapist, well-known for working with the body elemental to heal physical, emotional and mental traumas and patterns. Tanis teaches her techniques internationally to groups of psychiatrists, physicians, psychotherapists and other healing practitioners. Her soon-to-be-published book discusses how Ancestors influence us today.


Hensellek, Black Forest, Germany
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