A Wake-up Call

wakeup callby Tanis Helliwell

According to astrologers Uranus is in Aries for the first time since the 1930’s. This is associated with earthquakes, volcanoes and unpredictable events. We have seen the results of this in Japan and before that in Haiti and Christchurch. This is what we can expect physically on the Earth, however what, if anything, is the underlying message that we humans are meant to learn.  Quite simply, the Earth is giving us a wake up call. We have heard the Mayan prophecies about 2012, the scientific portents about climate change, the possibility of the reversal of the magnetic poles, increased sunspot activity… need I go on.

We are awakening collectively to the reality that all humans are connected in a global web physically. In the last few years with the collapse of our economies worldwide we have seen this financially and now with the recent rise of people in Egypt, India, and Libya to overthrow tyrannical regimes we see this socially. Before the occurrences of these past months many of us in “the developed world” might have held this truth only in theory. It did not affect the reality of our individual lives. With the world crisis that we are currently facing this theory has become an emotional, physical, and spiritual reality. This is progress for humanity as a race when this separation between the theory and the experience of the theory as reality comes together.

Yes, this has happened in a painful way, but a lot of this has to do with the pain of outgrowing an old way of being. Ten years ago we started this growth in North America when major companies and multinationals went through severe downsizing throwing many people into unemployment. These downsizings demonstrated to people that they were totally responsible for their lives and could not count on their employer to look after them.

At the same time as our security has been shaken at work, our spiritual foundations have also been shaken. Over the last decade or two the church and many other spiritual traditions have been shaken by scandal after scandal. Through this we have learned not to indiscriminately trust all religious and spiritual leaders just because of their role. Similarly we have learned that we cannot trust many of our political leaders in their personal ethics, which of course make us wonder if we can trust them at all. So, what have we learned from the shattering of our old value system, which was that our business, religious, and political leaders knew more than we did and would take us to the promised land?

We have learned the necessity of not trusting in others to save us. And currently we are learning to examine our own values and to take responsibility for our own life and that each of us can make a difference.  And this shift in consciousness has transpired in a very short period of time in human history. We have been able to do this with regards to our religious, political, and organizational institutions and now it is time to undergo the next step in our own personal transformation. That is to realize that everything on the Earth is connected. The fish, the birds, all peoples of all nations. I think that people are awakening and want to rise to the challenge and also want to make the right decision. However, it is extremely difficult to sort through the range of possible futures to select the appropriate one for our own lives, and for our country, and for the world. This is not because we are doing something wrong. It is because the unraveling of the old patterns, old beliefs, and old ways of behaving is still occurring.

Presently, many people are going through major confusion about what to think, and what to do next in their lives. Often this will feel as if two—or even more—equally strong choices are available and it is hard to decide which one is the best choice. We are living in a time of incredible ambivalence. The old answers don’t serve and we know this. However, we do not have all the facts that clearly indicate the new path to take and we’re waiting for these new facts to present themselves. It’s as if we are now aware that we have free choice to create the future we want and we can’t choose which future seems the best. Why is this?


We are in a new time in the history of humanity. It is a time of paradox where two choices exist and the way between them is filled with fog. The Buddhists say that at the gate to the temple of the inner self there are two guard dogs whose names are Paradox and Confusion. This is what we are facing currently.

The Good News

It’s because we are accessing higher vibrations of knowledge, and more subtle forms of truth than most of us have thought before. We no longer live in a black and white world where there are bad guys and good guys, black and white choices. We now are sifting through various shades of colours and we have to understand the function of those new colours before we can work these new concepts. These new colours could be called compassion, equanimity, equality for all, flexibility, patience, and forgiveness.

I’m naming them to give a flavour of what I’m speaking of, but these words only point in the right direction, and don’t give a full experience of what these words mean when practiced by us. It is a deeper experience of what these words mean in practice that we are starting to grasp at this time.

While this shift in consciousness is occurring, we might have one foot in the old world that we are leaving behind, and another foot in the new world that is coming into existence. At any given moment we might feel great ambivalence about which of these worlds is best to commit our energy.  Therefore, we swing back and forth between the two of them. The older world of black and white is known, comfortable and often feeds the more concrete needs of our personality. The newer world of colour is unknown, has unlimited potential, feels exciting and yet scary, and feeds the higher potential of what we can be.

Both of these realities co-exist presently and to deny it would be to do ourselves a disservice. It‘s very stressful and anxiety producing trying to establish a firm foundation in these shifting times. The best course of action is to surrender to the fact that none of us know all the variables in the situation. The best we can hope for is that we keep an open mind and open heart to listen to all points of views—both ours and others. We can learn to listen deeply to both ourselves and others to determine if we are coming from a place of fear or of love, of death or of life. In the end these are the two poles of choice facing us. And these energies are polar opposites. Let us not cling to fear and death when we can rise to love and life at this time in our history.