Enlightened Humans

Diamond Heart Tanis HelliweEnlightened Humans: The Next Cycle in Human Evolution

The next (seventh) cycle of human evolution, that will take place over several thousand years is that of the enlightened human. During this period, we will learn control of the higher mental body. The throat and crown chakras will become more active as we enter higher frequencies. This will take the form of communicating with beings on higher levels of consciousness, which include angels, ascended masters, and beings from other solar systems.

The lesson of the next cycle is to learn partnership and co-creation. Our guardians have been witnessing human experiments with creation for thousands of years. When we work with higher spiritual principles, we receive energy from our guardians to further our development. This energy, or prana, is a kind of food that feeds and grows our higher spiritual bodies. Through this process we have evolved to the point where we are young adults ready to be employed in our first job as world servers on Earth.

Our life theme will become co-creation with divine law on Earth. Humans will become conscious guardians for lower evolutions—the mineral, plant, fish, bird, and animal kingdoms. We will be safe, having overcome the dangers of destroying others and ourselves through greed, fear, and other negative emotions. Consequently, the ring-pass-not that separates Earth from other planets and solar systems will be removed. This will allow us to communicate with beings from the stars, some of which have been observing our progress and even helping us. The rise in interest in channelling, astrology, altered states of consciousness, UFOs, as well as science fiction and fantasy in literature and film, are harbingers of meeting these others.

This does not mean that humans will be perfect. We will still be learning many lessons. For example, learning how to shepherd other Earth species will not be easy. It will be tempting to do things “for their own good.” We might think that we know better than them, and some of us will have to learn not to blow dry the budding flowers to make them bloom faster. Another challenge will be to surrender attachment to our racial, national, and religious identities. Why is this necessary? Because it’s the first step in becoming world citizens. Having accomplished this, the next step is to overcome our identification with our planet so we can become galactic citizens.

Many themes of the next cycle are emerging even today. Sustainability in all forms will be key. Alternative energy systems based on wind, water, and solar power will replace the use of oil and gas. Organic food, composting, nurturing the soil will replace the use of insecticides, pesticides, and steroids, and we will consume less meat and more fish, fruit, and grains. We will begin living from the energy of the sun and this will increase in later cycles of our evolution. Healing will be less invasive as we move from cut and stitch to prevention of illness. We will use plants and homeopathic remedies to restore balance as opposed to the heavy use of numbing pharmaceuticals that we used during the last cycle that we are leaving.

Based on knowledge found in subatomic quantum physics, the ruling paradigm will become an awareness that we create our own reality. The primary way of altering our world will be by changing our values, which will change our thoughts, behaviour and therefore reality. This process will happen on all levels, with individuals, groups, and large governing systems. With this change in thinking individuals will no longer believe in scarcity and those with more will give to those who have less. This means there will no longer be the poverty and starvation that we have seen in earlier cycles.
In the last cycle we learned what not to do, and in the emerging cycle humanity will learn what to do in order to create with divine laws. Leaders in this next cycle will be those whose values do not conform to the dominant paradigm in today’s world. Those who have the power today will find it most difficult to change, as they might feel they will lose everything they have gained. Yet individuals do change when the pain of not changing is greater than the pain of changing.

The next cycle will complete a certain state in human evolution. It will link the third dimensional reality of the material world to the fourth dimension and other realities. As our mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies develop, we assume more responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions. We have less room for error and are more accountable because we are more conscious of how we affect others. Development through the cycles has led hundreds of thousands of individuals to the brink of full spiritual transformation. During the next two thousand years humanity will make a quantum leap in consciousness as more people awaken. We will then all live in accordance with divine law.

During this transitional period, it will become more obvious that there are two, and not one, prevailing value systems. The first is the dominant law of our nation, which is the lower law of our personality that makes us safe in our relationships with others. Once we learn these laws, we enter a period of questioning to ascertain if these laws are in accordance with divine law and our soul’s purpose in life. A time of inner and even outer conflict might arise as we decide to follow higher spiritual laws and not national laws that disagree with higher ones.

Gandhi displayed these difficulties when he chose not to pay the British salt tax and encouraged others to do the same. This action was against the law of his country and yet, it was in accordance with a higher law of home rule. It resulted in the end of colonialism in India. We see examples of people living by higher laws demonstrated in every walk of life today. Many are antiwar demonstrators, animal rights activists, environmental advocates, and spokespeople for equal rights for all races, genders and ages. Some people might be imprisoned for their actions as they are illegal by their country’s standards, and yet they are the vanguard of where our world will move during this next, seventh cycle.

(Excerpted from Tanis Helliwell’s latest book, Decoding Your Destiny: Keys to humanity’s transformation)