Review of Decoding Your Destiny

Review by Eva van Loon, Immanence Magazine

Decoding Your Destiny by Tanis Helliwell

Should you find yourself marooned on a desert isle where your e-reader won’t work, there would be no better book to find tucked in with your travel gear than Decoding Your Destiny, Tanis Helliwell’s slim volume of “Keys to Humanity’s Spiritual Transformation.” It has more guideposts packed into it than the average big-city baseyard. If you cannot ferret out your divine purpose on that maddening desert isle with the help of this mini-encyclopedia of wisdom gleaned from the four corners of the earth (wherever they are), well, there’s probably no hope for your soul’s growth.

In five sections, Helliwell covers human and animal evolution, the history of humanity’s “way-showers”, and the next step in planetary evolution. Along the way, exercises help the reader become in various ways, from exploring one’s relationship with plants, animals and crystals to meeting your guardian angel.

Not every reader will share a belief in Helliwell’s statements about spiritual and religious history and development. Focusing always on what traditions and prophets have in common, however, the author presents her findings in so engaging and forthright a manner that readers feel they have permission to meld them with their own belief systems, thus enhancing their spiritual lives.

This is a dense, fact-packed book that deserves a permanent place on your Mind/Body/Spirit bookshelf, certainly if you are someone who wants a complete grasp of how today’s spiritual leaders view the next step in human evolution.