The Personal Growth Series

The Personal Growth series of audio teachings is now available for download!

Download the series of three  MP3s on Personal Growth and receive one for FREE  – only $20 for the entire series.

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  • Eliminating Negativity and Purpose of Your Life
  • Energy Rebalancing Meditation and Path of Your Life
  • Linking Up World Servers and Healing the Earth






The Personal Growth Package

These audio teachings give you answers to the central questions in your life. They can be used many times to teach you to meditate and listen more deeply to your higher self. This clarity helps to empower you in your daily life and work and with your relationships with others. You become a co-creator with spirit to direct your life to grow in consciousness and to attune to all humanity in the timeless NOW. The greater your consciousness, the more you give to all humans to support their journey. They help you directly. This series is a perfect accompaniment to Tanis Helliwell’s books Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose and Decoding Your Destiny: Keys to humanity’s spiritual transformation.

CDs and mp3 downloads also available separately HERE

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