Oprah, Spirit and Stillness

Lotusby Tanis Helliwell

As I write these words my home is encased in fog. I live beside the ocean and the fog has been here day and night for a week now with no promise of lifting any day soon. Fog is a wonderful cocoon protecting me from doing. If the weather were better I would be tempted to throw myself into autumn cleanup. Leaves need raking, dead flowers need composting, and the garlic needs planting. What a relief to not do any of it, after all, there is no rush or deadline other than the one I impose on myself.

Lessons from the Fog
Speaking with others I know that BUSYNESS is a disease rampant in our world. Many of us are even addicted to busyness and fill every waking moment doing something. If this is our problem then we are afraid to know ourselves and what spirit has intended for us.

A good friend of mine, Ann Mortifee, has a busy life with many responsibilities in addition to being an author. Last month she told her husband, the musician Paul Horn, that she was taking a day just for herself and spirit. Going outside to meditate she fell into a state of deep gratitude for her life and the blessings of spirit and remained in this state for some time. On returning home Paul informed her that Oprah wanted to quote from Ann’s book In Love with the Mystery in her October magazine. This story is even more miraculous when you know that Oprah had bought Ann’s book from the only shop in the US that carried it and that the book had been published three years earlier. Needless to say, because of Oprah’s introduction, hundreds are ordering Ann’s book now.

The lesson that each of us can learn from this is that it is not in doing alone that spirit brings us the deep desires of our heart. Of course, we need to take action to step forward to manifest our dreams in the world just as Ann did in writing the book. However, spirit has its own plan for us and we, likewise, need to surrender our ego goal to what spirit wants. Sometimes the two goals converge easily and in short order. Sometimes the goal comes over a long time and with difficulty. This has in fact been Ann’s path. And sometimes we do not receive the goal we initially wanted and spirit sends us down another track. Each of these three paths is equally blessed.

Meditation and Stillness
We need to create a sacred space daily for being with spirit and for resting in receptive stillness. Meditation slows time as we move into the timeless moment of the present. It is a life skill for coping with the world. There is an essential goodness in Being that results in many spiritual fruits those being: love, patience, self-control, peace, and joy. Studies also show that there are many physical fruits for meditation including that we sleep better, have lower blood pressure, and prevent/cure many illnesses.

Being too busy for spirit is an affront to life. In returning to stillness we return to our authentic being, each of us precious and loved by spirit. We move into deep trust in spirit and allow our lives to unfold as it should. As the leaves turn colour and the fog rolls in it is a time of thanksgiving for all spirit has given us. In Canada we celebrated thanksgiving in October and our American friends celebrate in November. Let’s take time for inner thanksgiving as well.