Dance The Mystery with Crystal

Jenny Lou Linley

What is crystal and how does it grow?

Crystals form by minerals dissolving in water creating an aqueous solution. Through the right condition of time, temperature and ingredients the aqueous solution becomes over-saturated and precipitation of crystal occurs. Heat from the Earth’s core melts rock in the upper crust of the Earth. Over time this material cools and solidifies into crystals. Quartz crystal, which is some of the finest crystal, is formed when the molten rock cools underground. A crystal has a structure whose molecules are arranged in a regular repeated pattern creating a steady and strong structure.

Choosing a Crystal

There are many ways to choose a crystal. Sometimes you simply feel an attraction upon looking at a crystal. You can hold the crystal in your hands and check in with yourself to notice any reactions you are having. I often have a feeling of energy in my belly or an intense feeling of love when I am attracted to a crystal. You may feel heat in your hands or you may just know that this is the one for you. Some people dowse with a pendulum when choosing a crystal. First, determine the direction that represents yes and the direction that represents no. Hold the pendulum over the crystal and ask if this crystal is for you and for your highest good. If the pendulum swings in the yes direction then the crystal is right for you.

Crystals and Healing

Crystals have been used for thousands of years in healing work. Modern science is learning and confirming that crystals increase vibratory exchanges between two individuals and that crystals placed on the body at significant sites can alter the body’s condition.

So, when you feel tired, confused and unfocused, have pain or are not well you can place a crystal on your body. It is good to lie down, become still and quiet, and send your energy and breath to the place of discomfort. You can also lay your hands over the crystal and imagine energy streaming from the universe down through the top of your head and out through your hands. You can have someone assist you by placing their hands over the crystal to enhance the healing. If you have an intuitive feeling or your assistant has one about moving the crystal, making a sound, holding a thought, be sure to follow this intuition. You can place numerous crystals on your body and some around you. You will know if it is appropriate and be sure to follow this inner knowing.

It can also be supporting and balancing to have crystals near you in your home. The presence of a crystal or many crystals creates a field of resonant energy. Wearing a crystal on your body tucked into your clothing or in the form of jewelry can be beneficial.

Chakra Balancing

To have a healthy body, mind and spirit it is important to have a balanced and energized chakra system. Placing crystals on your chakras will help you maintain a healthy system. Lie down in a comfortable position and place a quartz crystal on your base chakra. Take your energy to this area by breathing into the chakra. Imagine your energy is swirling in a clockwise direction and vibrating. Imagine the crystal is vibrating with your energy. You can also imagine the colour of the chakra as the energy swirls. When it feels right move to the next chakra and repeat the process until you have completed all seven chakras. The quartz crystal will help to balance and vitalize your energy.

Crystal and Meditation

When meditating lightly hold a quartz crystal in your hands. Become still and quiet your mind. You may sense the energy field created by you and the crystal. Dive deeply into that pool of resonance by surrendering, by allowing, by observing what you are experiencing. Enjoy the beauty of the experience. Open your heart as you sit in the stillness. The crystals work with or without your co-operation but holding openness and a desire to co-create enhances the experience helping you, helping the crystal, and helping the energy field of All. Place any problem or question you are having in this field of energy. Ask the crystal to work with you and give thanks for this. Actively connect your awareness with the crystal drawing the process into the arena of awareness, and then release it all. Bath in the beingness.

Group Co-creation With Crystal

Working with crystal in a group is fun and profound. The energy of the participants and the crystals and the level of intension and connection create a powerful and healing energy field. This field supports the emergence of energies held deeply within to touch, to meld, to dance, to reveal and to heal. It involves surrendering to the magic of what is. In a group when you are quieting your mind, you can sense, feel, see, know and share at a deep, deep level. It is a wonderful co-creation when you as a group set intentions, let go of the outcome, tune into your heart, tune into the vibrations of love, union and peace. Magic happens!

Crystals shine their beauty, clarity and complexity. In a sense, they sit and vibrate in their state of beingness, in the still point. They participate always, always available in grace, beauty, light, holding a high and steady vibration. Co-creating with crystal is an honor and a blessing! Come join the fun!

Jenny Lou Linley is a graduate of the Spiritual Transformation Guide Training with the International Institute for Transformation. The Institute was formed to help people live and work with meaning and purpose in their lives. Jenny Lou is also a Certified Hellerwork Practitioner, a structural integration bodywork that touches body, mind and spirit. Jenny Lou is a certified Crystal Master trained in a process to connect people with their personal life crystal.