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At the International Institute for Transformation, (IIT), we have assisted individuals in North America and Europe with their spiritual transformation since January of 2000, the dawning of the Aquarian Age.  Now, you can join this journey of self-discovery with like-minded spiritual pioneers who are helping to birth the age of conscious evolution on Earth.


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To activate your spiritual transformation we offer 5 self-study e-courses:



An e-course on the importance of working with our ancestors today to heal past family traumas – Ancestor and Family Healing. SUBSCRIBE to our monthly newsletter to get all of the details and study group dates!




Transform Yourself  accelerates your spiritual transformation using the evolutionary new Etheric Clearing Technique (ECT). Clear away old thought patterns and align your life to your true purpose.

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Transform Your Work helps you develop your spiritual intelligence (SQ). Leads to increased personal and professional effectiveness in your life and work.




Spiritual Transformation A guide for your journey. Recognize the signs of spiritual transformation, and unite your personality with your soul’s purpose giving you  greater meaning in your life.





Fear Transformed. Is fear controlling your life? This powerful new program will move you from fear to love.






Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Self-Test.  SQ allows you to utilize your IQ and EQ in a unified way to express your gifts in the world that betters not only your life, but also all beings. This workbook and detailed questionnaire will help you assess your SQ (only $19.95).



 Spiritual Transformation Certification:

This in-depth training program has helped individuals for the past 19 years.  It helps you develop your own consciousness and links you with other co-creative pioneers who are committed to forming communities to birth the next stage for humanity and the Earth. This is the equivalent of doing a Masters program in spiritual transformation. The program can be taken at your own pace. This program is for you if:

✔ I wish to do in-depth study for my personal and spiritual development.

✔ I wish to be a member of a co-creative community to support others and to be supported.

✔ I wish to help birth humanity’s next stage as conscious co-creators with the Earth and Spirit.

If you answer “Yes!” to all of these statements, we invite you to join us!

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