“Exciting, deepening, refreshing. Tanis Helliwell is a remarkable co-creator on the world stage.”
Nancy E. Lamb, DML, MBA Professor,
University of Massachusetts

“Tanis has a natural talent for healing. She is full of energy, creative and deeply intuitive. Her positive vision is palpable and generous.”
Michael Myers MD. Prof. of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

This week was full of stillness, going deeper, hilarious laughter and meeting others right in the heart and truth of who they are.”
Terry Frank, Facilitator and Coach,

Not for the faint of heart. Those called will find unequivocal purpose and healing with Tanis Helliwell.”
S. Schramm, Canadian First Secretary and Consul to El Salvador

I’ve done many courses in my life, however, none has ever had the power to move me so deeply, change me so profoundly, and the transformation show up in my life no matter where I am, nor what I do.”
V. Deeken, Management Consultant,

If you’re looking for a chance to quiet yourself and reconnect with what’s really important to you, an IIT program is a worthwhile investment.”
S. Welsh, Management Consultant

“The IIT programs have given me information and tools to use to accommodate the rapid changes taking place on our planet at this time. Thank you from my soul.”
D. Fletcher

“Tanis’s guidance has led me to one of the more powerful shifts in my lifetime of personal and professional growth.”
Connie Phenix, management consultant

“Tanis Helliwell is one of our most impactful facilitators. She has a unique ability to help people see within themselves and find untapped sources of strength, energy and passion. Tanis is a special guide for all those willing to embark on the journey towards personal fulfillment and life balance. Her Passion of helping others shines through in all that she does.”
Larry Hulsmans, Senior Director, Leadership & Management Programs, The Banff Centre for Management

“Tanis Helliwell is Canada’s best kept secret. She frees one’s mind from self-imposed  limitations to the unlimited totality of possibilities.”
Vincent Cummings, President All-Sea Enterprises

“Tanis is a gift. She has touched all of us in a unique and individual way.”
Ivan Kusal, Manager Surveillance, TELUS

“Excellent course; walked away a different person.”
Lise Gratten, Top Player representative, WTA Tour

“Tanis has spent decades collecting spiritual wisdom and exercises from a rainbow of different traditions and is an expert at putting them together in concise, easy to follow courses.”
Colin Andrew Brown, IIT graduate of Spiritual Transformation Training