Transform Your Work

This ecourse helps you develop your spiritual intelligence (SQ). Bring your soul to work to achieve your life purpose, improve your relationships, have a happier work environment and have greater peace and joy.


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Are you working to live or living to work?

Do you leave your heart on the couch when you head off to your job?
Are you looking for more fulfillment or meaning at work?

If your work-a-day world is draining your energy then it’s time to get an energy adjustment. The Transform Your Work self-study ecourse is designed to inspire your life and get you back in the flow.

Get valuable tools and techniques that can transform your life and help you manifest your soul’s purpose. Develop your Spiritual Intelligence (SQ), improve your relationships and create happier and healthier work environments.

How you benefit from this ecourse:

    • Increase your life energy.
    • Learn to use your seven major energy centers (chakras) to achieve your goals.
    • Learn the 3 * 2 * 1 system to cultivate people who feed your soul.
    • Complete a multiple intelligence inventory to assess your natural gifts.
    • Build personal capacity through wisdom, love and divine will.
    • Learn 11 strategies to use spiritual intelligence in your work.
    • Solve key problems using intuitive and whole-brain techniques.
  • Work in the flow by managing time in new ways.

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Bring more peace and joy into your world. 

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The complete e-course for Transform Your Work includes:

  • Comprehensive 90 page self-study workbook
  • 11 video lessons and visualizations featuring Tanis Helliwell
  • Special Offer: When you register for the Transform Your Work Course we give you an 85 minute video with Tanis Helliwell on How to Work with Soul  for FREE.

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>> BUY AND DOWNLOAD “Transform Your Work” NOW! <<




Manifest your Soul’s Purpose: The essential guide to life and work is the recommended text for this program. It is available in paperback or on Kindle.   For more information or purchase

Just follow the prompts and download your course materials after purchase. The workbook is downloaded in pdf format, it is not a printed book. The video is available online via a private link. if you have any questions about your download click here.


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“I sincerely believe Transform Your Work is some of the most important work being done on this planet today.”
Terry Frank, Senior VP and General Manager, Lee, Hecht, Harrison, Virginia

“My biggest question before coming to Transform your Work was “How?” This program has given me those tools.”
Rudi Dyck, Teacher, Calgary