Transform Yourself

To become conscious, we must develop spiritual intelligence and undergo a deep spiritual transformation. We need to let go of old patterns that no longer serve us, and unite our personality with our soul’s purpose. Learn how in this self-study e-course.


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Has a life change got you looking for a life-changing experience?

Are you struggling with your purpose or mission in life?
Have you asked the age-old question, “What’s the meaning of life?”

Perhaps things are changing and you want or need a new perspective. Maybe you’re feeling a little out of control, down right afraid, or even immobilized. Has life got you considering a path that may not align with your real purpose?

For some people, these challenges show up as a subtle but deep yearning for the truth. Sometimes, it’s a crisis (mid-life or something more serious) that makes us seek a higher meaning. Whatever it is that’s calling you, your questions are about to get answered.

The self-study e-course, Transform Yourself, is a program that can open you up to your highest potential, while putting life in perspective and reinforce your purpose.

How you benefit from this ecourse:

  • Learn the evolutionary new Etheric Clearing Technique (ECT) to release attachments, old beliefs and behaviors that sabotage your personal and professional effectiveness.
  • Overcome fears that hold you back from developing your potential.
  • Review positive and negative patterns in your life, and reinforce your strengths.
  • Regain balance between personal life and work.
  • Learn the spiritual laws that govern your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

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The full ecourse for Transform Yourself includes:



Transform Yourself study group, England.


Recent graduates of our Transform Yourself course. Congratulations!

Recent graduates of our Transform Yourself course. Congratulations!“After meeting and studying with Tanis, everything in my life made sense.”
— Stephanie Kusie, Lawyer and former Canadian consul to San Salvador

    • “The Transform Yourself program answered questions about my personality, my world, my soul. It was a wonderful experience to put all three together.”
      –Robert E.Brady, trainer, Saskatchewan“Transform Yourself has helped me to manifest my gifts on the Earth and to bring practical spirituality together with my daily life.”
      –Christoph Wasser, IIT Graduate

      Manifest your Soul’s Purpose: The essential guide to life and work is the recommended text for this program. It is available in paperback or on Kindle.   For more information or purchase

      Just follow the prompts and download your course materials after purchase. The workbook is downloaded in pdf format, it is not a printed book. The video is available online via a private link. if you have any questions about your download click here.

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