Botschaft der Erde

Botschaft der Erde is one of a series on Inneren Mysterien and their importance in our life today. These mysteries are the spiritual and eternal truths on which our world and all life are founded.

Audio teaching and visualization

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Tanis Helliwell hat diesen Vortrag ursprünglich auf der Internationalen Konferenz für Wissenschaft und Bewußtsein in Albuquerque, New Mexico, gehalten.

Auf Track 1 Botschaft der Erde spricht Gaia selbst über das, was sie sich zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt von uns Menschen wünscht (Vortrag wird auf Deutsch von Monika Bernegg wiedergegeben).

In der geführten Visualisierung auf Track 2 unter dem Titel Frieden auf Erden manifestierenerhaltet ihr Anleitung, wie ihr helfen könnt, allen Wesen und auch der Erde selbst inneren und äußeren Frieden zu bringen.

Botschaft der Erde CD, along with the series on the Inner Mysteries, shows you how your individual journey to consciousness and all the experiences you have had in your life are tied to the journey that all humans have taken in all cultures and all religions from time immemorial. This helps you to see that your suffering and achievements have great meaning not only for you but for all humanity. The greater your consciousness the more you give to all humans to support their journey. We are all connected in past, present and future time.

These audio teachings help you directly to grow in consciousness and to attune to all humanity in the timeless NOW. They teach you to decipher the myths and stories of humanity to apply these eternal truths to your life and the lives of others be this your family, friends or clients if you are in a healing profession. This series is a perfect accompaniment to Tanis Helliwell’s book Decoding Your Destiny: keys to humanity’s spiritual transformation.

More about Botschaft der Erde

Our entire solar system is moving to a higher state of consciousness. The Galactic Centre, the Great Central Sun, is alive and has a heartbeat with a cycle of every 12,000 years. Humans are linked to the Great Central Sun, the one we think of as our Creator, and we are in unity with it in multidimensional levels including that of the physical. Events transpiring on the Earth currently, such as global warning, increased volcanic activity and the decline in the Earth’s magnetic field, are caused only by humans, but are a response to a call from the Great Central Sun for the Earth and all beings on it to evolve into the next stage of consciousness.

The Earth and humans are linked in an evolutionary spiral that leads to becoming increasingly conscious. Both the Earth and her human inhabitants have reached a place in their evolution where a quantum jump is taking place. The next two thousand years, which is known as the Aquarian Age, is the time of the enlightened human, the water bearer who pours the water of life on the Earth.

It’s imperative that we realize that every cell of our body is part of the Earth. We know that approximately 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water and that the amount of water in a mature human is also 70 percent. This could be a coincidence, however that is unlikely. Distanced from our Mother Earth, as we are, we also forget another fundamental truth, which is that every bit of our food is alive too. Every part of our bodies is constructed out of the building blocks absorbed from the bodies of other life-forms. Every cubic centimeter of soil and sediment teems with billions of microorganisms. The Earths life and ours are one. If we forget this, we forget our purpose.

Humans are meant to create with the Earth a beautiful world in alignment with divine law. To do this we must move to higher dimensions and frequencies. These are accessed through the positive emotions of joy, trust, faith, gratitude and compassion, whereas, negative feelings, such as of anger, frustration, fear and greed, lower our frequency.

In the third dimension, which is controlled by time a massive cleansing is occurring. Yet, in an instant if our thoughts are in higher frequencies we have the opportunity to rise to higher dimensions during this time of transition. In the fourth dimension we must learn to control our negative emotions and release feelings of lust, greed, anger, impatience, jealousy, scarcity, fear, depression, and self-importance. When we do this we rise to the fifth dimension where we will be telepathically in communion with all other beings so we must learn to control our thoughts lest we pollute the fifth dimension with wandering thoughts. So focus, concentration, purity of motivation, and compassion are very important qualities to cultivate. The next two thousand years will be ones of humanity learning to control the mental and emotional realms to be Creators and guardians on this planet.

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