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Die keltischen Mysterien is one of a series on Inneren Mysterien and their importance in our life today. These mysteries are the spiritual and eternal truths on which our world and all life are founded.

Audio teachings and meditations

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Track 1 von Die keltischen Mysterien enthält die geistigen Wahrheiten, die hinter der Legende von König Artus und der Suche nach dem Heiligen Gral stehen.

In der geführten Visualisierung auf Track 2 unter dem Titel Die Suche nach dem Heiligen Gralwerdet ihr dem Hüter des Grals begegnen und die Bedeutung des Grals für euer eigenes Leben erfahren.




Die keltischen Mysterien, along with the series on Inneren Mysterien, shows you how your individual journey to consciousness and all the experiences you have had in your life are tied to the journey that all humans have taken in all cultures and all religions from time immemorial. This helps you to see that your suffering and achievements have great meaning not only for you but for all humanity. The greater your consciousness the more you give to all humans to support their journey. We are all connected in past, present and future time.

These audio teachings help you directly to grow in consciousness and to attune to all humanity in the timeless NOW. They teach you to decipher the myths and stories of humanity to apply these eternal truths to your life and the lives of others be this your family, friends or clients if you are in a healing profession. This series is a perfect accompaniment to Tanis Helliwell’s upcoming book Decoding Your Destiny: Keys to humanity’s spiritual transformation.

More on Die keltischen Mysterien

There are three paths to consciousness as represented by the story of the quest for the Holy Grail. When the Grail appears in the Arthurian saga all the knights of the round table gave up everything that they had achieved to go on a quest for the Grail. This story is relevant to our own life. After we have mastered the material world and have good relationships with others, we, too, must give up our attachments to success in the outer world to go on an inner spiritual quest. And if you remember the stories about the quest, it was not the best warriors who found the Grail. It was the children of the old guard who found the Grail just as we need to birth our own inner child that will find the Grail for us. This is the divine child within each of us.

In the Arthurian story three knights found the Grail. We’ll speak first about Galahad. Galahad, the son of Lancelot and Elaine, was referred to as being a virgin. What does this mean? Does it mean that he had never had sexual relations with a woman? That’s one aspect of what ‘virgin’ means. A second meaning found in the deeper mysteries is that an individual is not attached to another person. In other words, in other words one’s first commitment is the spiritual world rather than to the physical. So Galahad’s virginity is a spiritual, and not necessarily a physical term. Galahad didn’t have any detours or problems in finding the Grail. And when he found it, he ascended into heaven. He did not stick around to help others to find the Grail. This is one path to consciousness and it is the path of purity and faith. Galahad’s example demonstrates that we can become enlightened through grace and faith alone.

The second knight I’d like to discuss is Perceval, whose path to consciousness is very different from Galahad’s. The name Perceval means literally “pierce the veil”. His path was to pierce the veil between this physical reality and the spiritual reality that lies behind this. Through his own pain and hardship through many tests—that predict the test that you too will go through of the path to consciousness which I speak about in this CD—Perceval learns compassion. Compassion does not come from the mind; it comes from the heart. Through our own pain we develop compassion. And when Perceval finds the Grail he becomes the guide for others in their spiritual quest—the bodhisattva of the Buddhist tradition. He becomes the one who stands at the gateway between the physical and spiritual reality.

There is a third person, Bors, who tags along with Galahad in some stories, and with Perceval in others. His qualities are loyalty, dedication, perseverance, common sense and a good heart. Bors returns to Camelot and to tell the other knights that Galahad and Perceval found the Grail. Bors represents the common man who, although not enlightened himself, tells others that it is possible and sends them in the right direction to find it. These are the three paths to consciousness as represented by the story of the quest for the Holy Grail.

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