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Die griechischen Mysterien is one of a series on Inneren Mysterien and their importance in our life today. These mysteries are the spiritual and eternal truths on which our world and all life are founded.

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Track 1 von Die griechischen Mysterien discusses the significance of archetypes in our lives and refers to the myth of Dionysus, the Greek god of ecstasy and initiation and how he breaks down old patterns that no longer work in our lives. In the guided visualization on Track 2, called Den männlichen und weiblichen Archetypen begegnen werdet ihr auf die männlichen und weiblichen Archetypen treffen, auf die Götter und Göttinnen, die heute euer Leben am stärksten beeinflussen.


Die griechischen Mysterien, along with the series on the Inner Mysteries, shows you how your individual journey to consciousness and all the experiences you have had in your life are tied to the journey that all humans have taken in all cultures and all religions from time immemorial. This helps you to see that your suffering and achievements have great meaning not only for you but for all humanity. The greater your consciousness the more you give to all humans to support their journey. We are all connected in past, present and future time. These audio teachings help your directly to grow in consciousness and to attune to all humanity in the timeless NOW. They teach you to decipher the myths and stories of humanity to apply these eternal truths to your life and the lives of others be this your family, friends or clients if you are in a healing profession. This series is a perfect accompaniment to Tanis Helliwell’s book Decoding Your Destiny: Keys to humanity’s spiritual transformation.

More on Die griechischen Mysterien

All cultures have archetypes, which are the energy patterns of various deities that influence human behavior. These archetypes may have once been real beings evolving on the Earth, but so many people have prayed to them, or held ideas about them, for millennia that they are now strong thoughtforms or images that continue to program us, according to the frequency of the image that we access. Archetypes are able to evolve as humans evolve a deeper, and we could say higher, understanding of the potential of the archetype. To become fully conscious, we need to become aware of the archetypes that most strongly influence us and, to do this, we will examine the Gods and Goddesses of Greek myth as they are the most comprehensive and well-known to most westerners.

The ancient Greeks believed that the Olympian Gods lived on a real mountain located in northern Greece called Mt. Olympus. These Greek Gods and Goddesses were not perfect and, according to Greek legend, had the same kind of trials, such as problems with romantic partners, miscommunications and feeling unloved, that many humans had. In fact, it was their imperfection that appealed to the Greeks and that gave them hope in their own lives.

The Olympian Gods of the ancient Greeks were actually Atlanteans, who had certain gifts that were ahead of the Greeks in evolution, but as the myths tell us the Atlanteans were still not perfect beings. To become a fully developed human being it is helpful both to understand and to be able to manifest the strengths of each of these archetypes in our own lives. This path leads to balance, tolerance and flexibility and develops the whole of what we can become. These archetypes are teaching models for aspects of ourselves that we want to bring into consciousness.

To understand how archetypes transform our consciousness we will discuss the myth of Dionysus, as he was an initiator into the Inner Mysteries, which are the deeper underlying spiritual truths on which important mythic stories are based. Dionysus, through wine and ecstasy, helped people to break down their personality construct so that they could enter into a deeper relationship with the divine. The Eleusian Mysteries, which originated with Demeter—Goddess of the Earth–also became associated with Dionysus in later times and many of the greatest poems and plays of ancient Greece were written for Dionysus.

He, like Demeter, was afflicted, not because of grief for another as she was, but because of his own pain. He was the vine, which every winter is pruned to a gnarled stump and his death was terrible as he was torn to pieces and eaten by his followers. In this way Dionysus’ story is a precursor to the Christian story of Jesus who compares himself to the vine and gives his body and blood to be eaten by his followers. Dionysus’ followers, like those of Christ, believed that his death and resurrection each spring showed that the soul lives on forever even after the body dies. This faith was central to the Eleusian mysteries.

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