Dolphin Drunkenness

Connie Phenix

“Dolphins are a catalyst for human transformation. They are heart surgeons, zapping us with dolphin love.”

Olivia De BergeracThe Dolphin Within

Time stopped. My thoughts ceased. I lost any sense of self and time as I floated along with the dolphins below. Where they led, I followed. Their energy and the warm turquoise waters carried me along into the world of Presence, ever mindful, yet without mind.

I was awed with a pod of five to seven dolphins swimming several feet in front of me. Then came joy with a female and her nursing baby about a meter below me. A large male spun around me in circles keeping me mesmerized with his right eye. The beauty is that even a mere glance in the eye of a dolphin can shift your energy significantly. Later a couple of dolphins nudged sensuously below me. All the while their ease and grace kept me spellbound. They acted as though they knew me, as though they had been expecting me. Each kept a respectful distance; yet their hearts nurtured mine with the nectar of a lover. For several hours we communed.

As I emerged from the depths of the ocean I sensed my heart burst open with a love that was beyond all limitation. I smiled. I cried. I had nothing to say. There was no need for words. I felt only love. I had changed.

Such was my first experience swimming with dolphins in the wild.

Later I wondered: Why have I always felt their call? Why are they like a magnet for me? What happened during that swim? Did my heart really heal? Why and how? With these questions my research began in earnest.

Since ancient times dolphins and humans have had a special connection. Scientists, mystics and dolphin lovers alike have all recorded stories of these sea mammals’ meaningful interaction with the human race.

Brain research tells us that when we swim with dolphins our brainwaves slow down to the theta or dream state. It is in this particular brain state that our thought forms were programmed during our early childhood. When we entrain to this brain state the dolphin’s energy merges with our consciousness and the magic begins, as it is in this state our thought forms and bodies can heal.

Swimmers report miraculous results after spending time with the dolphins. People feel a state of bliss, often known as dolphin drunkenness. Others report increased states of happiness, peace, release of physical pain, decreased addictive desires, increased creativity, decreased depression and anxiety, a recharged immune system; and some report a deep connection with spirit.

Science explains the magic in terms of echolocation. This system allows the dolphins to differentiate between size, shape, speed, distance, direction; and even gives them a holographic image of the internal structure of an object. They echolocate by producing clicking sounds that are projected from the melon in their forehead. When this vibration hits an object, the signal returns to the dolphin as nerve impulses which relay messages to their brain. Research on echolocation continues.

Intuitively we sense that the dolphins can register our emotions, “zap” energy blocks and loosen this accumulation of negative energy. In doing so thoughts and emotions decrease. Our energetic field becomes calmer and more relaxed and opens to higher levels of consciousness.

Both intuition and science are a bridge to understanding our connection to these curious, loving, intelligent, and highly conscious mammals.

Eco psychology, the study of the healing of humans with nature, invites each of us to enter consciously into nature. Whenever this happens, albeit swimming with dolphins, witnessing a magnificent sunset, or sensing the life force in an old growth forest, the stillness within each of us deepens. And in this stillness we come to know our own Being.

What a gift for this dolphin lover’s soul.

>Connie Phenix is a graduate and facilitator with the International Institute for Transformation. She facilitates transformation retreats that bridge humans and Transformation with a special interest in dolphins and leading tours to swim with them.