ying-yang-xpBalancing the Female and Male Principles: Why it’s Important

von Tanis Helliwell

As we go through this time of momentous Earth and Cosmic changes I have found an increased amount of energy entering the world. It is therefore even more crucial that we learn to remain centered lest we become unbalanced and overwhelmed. To do this we need to be able to utilize and rest in the neutral point between both female (yin) and male (yang) principles. We can do this regardless of our gender.

Female and Male, Yin and Yang Principles

The female, yin principle is one of receptivity and surrender. When we listen deeply to others, feel compassion for their pain, awaken to our gentleness and develop a light touch in dealing with problems that beset us, we are experiencing the female principle. Getting in touch with our female principle allows us to deepen our contact with our inner self, our dreams and all things of the inner world.

The male, yang principle is one of action in the outer world. When engaged in this principle we are confident when speaking about our thoughts and ideas to others, in stepping forward to manifest our goals and in drawing boundaries around what we will and will not do. We have clarity of vision and are able to focus on priorities in our work and life.

Regardless of our gender, we need to develop and integrate the female and male, yin and yang, principles in order to develop our full humanity. By doing so, we develop a deeper level of understanding of the gifts of our gender and a deeper appreciation of the gifts of our opposite gender. This increases understanding between men and women. As we become more comfortable with the full range of expression of both yin and yang principles, we become more subtle in our approach and have no attachment to either principle. We are able to choose the appropriate form of expression from moment to moment with ease.


Through integration of both yin and yang principles we are able to expand fully into experience with a heightened sense of touch, taste and sound as the body opens to receive. This is the female, yin principle and the path of the mystic. Then moving into the male, yang principle we can analyze the experience, digest the information and put it in an understandable and usable form to live more consciously in the world.

If we engage too much in the female, yin principle, we have no boundaries or structure to maintain our safety with others. If we engage too much in the male, yang principle, we create too many boundaries and fixity of thought, which cuts us off from being touched by others and our environment.

The Neutral-Positive Point

At this time of immense change and turbulence in the world, it is even more important that we learn to rest in the neutral point between these female and male, yin and yang, principles. In this neutral point, while knowing how to utilize both principles, we learn to stay in equilibrium and balance and are able to act in a positive way without being attached to the results of our action. We can hear, feel, know what to do and be able to do it with a soft touch. I refer to this state as being in neutral-positive.

This is incredibly important at present. When we are overwhelmed with change and the volume of information coming at us, as is happening increasingly through email, websites, television, and magazines, we cannot assimilate and make effective choices. By staying in a neutral-positive state we are able to select the appropriate information in any situation that will allow us to act potently and with consciousness.

Tanis Helliwell, eine Mystikerin in der modernen Welt, bringt seit über 30 Jahren spirituelles Bewusstsein in die Mainstream-Gesellschaft. Seit ihrer Kindheit sieht und hört sie auf anderen Ebenen Elementarwesen, Engel und Meisterlehrer. Tanis ist die Gründerin des International Institute for Transformation (IIT), welches Programme anbietet, um Menschen dabei zu unterstützen, bewusste Schöpfer zu werden, die mit den spirituellen Gesetzmäßigkeiten arbeiten, durch welche unsere Welt regiert wird.

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