Is Fear Controlling Your Life?

Fear & Work Self-Tests

For employees, entrepreneurs and volunteers

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Is your workplace a place of fear and doubt?
Are your fears holding your business back?
We invite you to join the thousands of individuals who have benefited from understanding and overcoming their fears with the Fear & Work Self-Tests.

Fear keeps you from becoming the person you wish to be! Each of us has hopes, wishes and goals in our lives. These are some of the joys and challenges that give life meaning and purpose. When you are fearful, you hold yourself back from achieving life and work goals, and from fulfilling your purpose.


Research shows that the largest number of heart attacks occur between 8 and 9 a.m. on Monday mornings. What are we doing then? Going to work. Doing work we don’t love (or that causes us to be fearful) is literally killing us.

Whether you are a volunteer, an entrepreneur or an employee, you may have fears related to your organization, causing stress and unhappiness. You can do something about this!

In this workbook and self-tests discover:

  • What is Fear?
  • What is Fear in Organizations?
  • Symptoms of Fear in Organizations Self-Test
  • How Organizations Create Fear
  • Reducing Fear in Organizations
  • The Pain of Change at Work
  • Information for Entrepreneurs
  • Symptoms of Fear for Entrepreneurs Self-Test
  • Use a Learning Journal to come up with an Action Plan


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Tanis Helliwell’s Angst und Arbeit – Selbsttests has been utilized by universities, business organizations, and individuals, to determine if their workplace is creating fear and then to work at creating a healthier work environment. This Angst und Arbeit – Selbsttests workbook builds on Tanis’ experience gained from 30 years working in the field.