Raising Our Vibration

labyrinthWhy it is Necessary to Raise Our Vibration

por Tanis Helliwell

Events in the world, what with the economic unrest in Europe and turbulence in the Middle East as tyrannical regimes collapse… but not without much hardship to the people, are very unsettling. It is essential, therefore, not to become depressed by these world events but to see them as just another sign of the end of an era and to celebrate that we are alive to witness this and to participate in creating a new world order.

Currently, the Earth is experiencing a quantum jump in its evolution, which entails it raising its frequency. We humans, who are cells in the body of the Earth, must also raise our frequency in order to live on this planet. There is mounting scientific, prophetic and  intuitive evidence, and just good old common sense, to support this claim. We have three choices: ignore the evidence in hopes we can continue our life as before, panic and vacillate about what to do to survive physically, or transform ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to move to this new frequency.

This transformation is as beautiful and profound as when a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. This process is in keeping with the natural and spiritual laws on which our world is founded. Great wayshowers, such as Krishna, Buddha, Christ, and Buffalo Calf Woman show us the way. Likewise, information is available from religious traditions, myths, science, dreams, and our own intuition to show us the way to transform ourselves.

The greatest factor that limits us is the collective hypnosis in our every day life about what is real. In this third dimensional reality we too easily rely on our physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, and taste to determine reality even though our greatest mystics have consistently said that this world, as perceived by these senses, is an illusion. Even though science has finally agreed with these mystics and stated that we are 99.9% ether, or space, most of us are still unable to see Sally, Joe and the dog without a solid form.

So we have a dilemma. If we cling to the third dimensional illusion we will find ourselves in an increasingly perilous physical environment with global warming, increased volcanic activity, economic collapse, more guns and violence, deserts, food and water shortage and scary diseases. The good news is that people usually don’t change until the pain of not changing becomes greater than the pain of changing, and that is the situation in which many people find themselves currently.

The second piece of good news is that in the last two or three decades there has been a immense increase in interest and information from scientific, psychological, mystical traditions, TV and films about higher dimensions and different realms of existence. Psychiatrist Carl Jung referred to the next level of consciousness, which humans must access in order to become conscious Creators, as the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is the spiritual history of humanity: what we have evolved from, what we are now and what we are evolving into. Biologist Rupert Sheldrake calls this etheric field of energy the morphogenetic field and the archaeologist, mystical priest Teilhard de Chardin referred to as the noosphere. Other words for the collective unconscious in the western mystical tradition are the Akashic Records and the Book of Life.

This ‘Book of Life’ exists in a higher frequency than our third dimensional material world, and, although unseen by our physical eyes, it can be read, heard, and felt with our spiritual senses. For example, we cannot see radio waves and yet we can tune in many different radio stations to listen to different programs. So with our spiritual senses we can attune ourselves to different frequencies to access the information about the spiritual history of our Earth, humanity and even ourselves. These records exist, like dreams and thoughts, on a higher frequency than our physical reality, and it is essential to be aware of this as the lower frequencies, where thoughts of scarcity, greed, lust, self-pity and anger exist, are responsible for the collective hypnosis of our material world.

There is more good news. By raising our frequency we can see our own programming and we can change it not only for ourselves, but also for others, because each person that raises his or her frequency increases exponentially the ability for others to do so as well. Furthermore, when we rise to higher frequencies we know at a cellular level that our thoughts determine our reality, and that we can create any reality for our world that we can envision. This means that we are able to create a world at peace with all beings living in harmony. This is the message of this festive season let’s remember daily to celebrate the many gifts we have in our life.