Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose: The essential guide for life and work

¡Haz una diferencia en tu vida, en el trabajo y en el mundo!

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Manifiesta el propósito de tu alma assists you to live your highest potential. Tanis Helliwell guides you in seeing how to apply spiritual truths in your everyday life. This book helps to develop you SQ-Spiritual Intelligence.

Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose: The essential guide for life and work will assist you to balance your life by discovering and acting upon your soul’s needs and by finding more meaning in your work. It is a “how to” book that gives you the tools and techniques I’ve found work best to develop your potential in your life and work. But it’s more than that. This book also grapples with the issues arising globally concerning the deep need to heal ourselves, our relationships with others and our world. In that sense, Manifiesta el propósito de tu alma is also a “why to” book.

Manifiesta el propósito de tu alma is divided into three sections. The first, Balance Personality and Soul Needs, examines the different needs of the personality and soul and illustrates what “manifesting your soul’s purpose” means. The second section, Transfórmate, assists you the reader, through self-assessment exercises to determine your soul’s purpose, and to examine your talents and gifts and overcome fears. The third section, Transforma tu trabajo, offers you concrete, practical ways to bring soul into your work, and these tools will enrich your entire life.

  • Reprogram Yourself for Success
  • Increase Your Life Energy
  • Master the Material World
  • Cultivate People who Feed Your Soul
  • Live in Harmony with Natural Cycles
  • Activate Your Intuition
  • Walk the Path of Heart

This book is the recommended reading for our self-study courses, Transform Yourself y Transforma tu trabajo.

Praise for Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose

“Exciting, deepening, refreshing. Tanis Helliwell is a remarkable co-creator on the world stage.” Beth E Sutherland, DML, MBA Professor,University of Massachusetts

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