Birth of the New Earth

New cosmic energies are entering the Earth that are accelerating our individual and global transformation. We are being given an opportunity to make a quantum jump in our evolution and this seminar will give you the tools to do this.

How you benefit from this program:

  • Discover the scientific evidence supporting coming cosmic and Earth changes
  • Learn about how these changes affect you personally
  • Discover how the divine feminine (Sophia) is overseeing transformation of the Earth and each of us
  • Learn how to work with elementals to birth ourselves and the Earth
  • Practice techniques to assist you to move into higher dimensions
  • Find out why love of self and other beings is the key in our transformation

To listen to a recording of Tanis’ live keynote called “Address from the Earth”, which took place at the International Spirituality and Science Conference, and to participate in a guided visualization on manifesting peace on Earth, link here.


Si quieres organizar un taller con Tanis en tu zona, contáctanos mediante [email protected]