Transformación espiritual

Increase your compassion and joy!

Are you feeling restless or dissatisfied? Are you tired of the struggle? Are blame and shame ruling your inner and outer world? It might be time to give yourself a new perspective. You may be going through a spiritual transformation.


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 Are you going through a spiritual transformation?

A spiritual transformation is a journey that unites our personality with our soul’s purpose, giving us greater meaning in our lives. When we go through this deep transformation, we become more conscious. We gain more clarity and let go of old patterns that no longer serve us.

Embrace this Transformación espiritual program and you will:

  • Learn tools to help you overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.
  • Discover powerful healing techniques by working with your Body Elemental.
  • Practice heart-opening skills to create more positive relationships with yourself and others.
  • ‪Increase your spiritual intelligence (SQ) to succeed in this new, evolving world.
  • Develop a greater capacity for compassion and access more joy.
  • Discover the profound effects your transformation has on those around you.
  • Become a conscious co-creator working with Spirit to fulfill your life purpose and learn how, in doing so, you help heal your home, our beautiful Earth.

Recognize the signs of spiritual transformation and get the guidance you need along the journey. Step onto the path to achieving your highest potential. Liberate yourself from false illusions and gain a greater sense of freedom. It’s time to receive the support you really need to be happy and fulfilled in your life.

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Do it for yourself, your family, your friends and your community. Do it for the Earth!

The full course for Transformación espiritual incluye: 

  • Extensive 78-page workbook
  • 8 in-depth Youtube videos with Tanis (includes some videos from her Transformación espiritual DVD, a $14.95 value for FREE)
  • US$147 for the course package


>> BUY AND DOWNLOAD “Spiritual Transformation” NOW! <<


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This course is based on the DVD, Spiritual Transformation: Journey of Co-Creation.  For information click here.





This workbook can be used by individuals and study groups to facilitate their own spiritual transformation.

Para más información y asistencia para formar un grupo de estudio, o si te gustaría llevar a cabo un taller con Tanis en tu zona, contáctanos mediante [email protected]

Recent graduates of our Spiritual Transformation course. Congratulations!

Recent graduates of our Spiritual Transformation course. Congratulations!

“Another layer peeled away. Another opening of my heart. A deeper connection to spirit and humanity.”
–J. Rouss, Graphic Designer and Manager, Toronto

I’ve done many courses in my life, however, none has ever had the power to move me so deeply, change me so profoundly, and the transformation show up in my life no matter where I am, nor what I do.” 
–V. Deeken, Management Consultant, Germany

“Tanis Helliwell is an impactful facilitator. She has a unique ability to help people see within themselves and find untapped sources of strength, energy and passion. Tanis is a special guide for all those willing to embark on the journey towards personal fulfillment and life balance. Her Passion of helping others shines through in all that she does.”
–Larry Hulsmans, Former Senior Director, Leadership & Management Programs, The Banff Centre for Management

Just follow the prompts and download your course materials after purchase. The workbook is downloaded in pdf format, it is not a printed book. The video is available online via a private link. If you have any questions about your download  Haz clic aquí



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