Messages of Hope

Though this isn't an easy time for humanity, we can support each other in many ways - together apart. We are all interconnected, whether or not we know each other personally. Join me as we help each other and the Earth move to a new era of hope.

I will be sending out a new video each week to assist you in coping - and thriving - in the challenges we all face as a community during this unprecedented time. The new videos will appear on the playlist below as they become available.

Please do share this "Messages of Hope for 2020" YouTube playlist widely!

Messages of Hope 2020 Playlist from Tanis Helliwell

For subtitles on this and other videos, click on Captions button (the "CC" icon at lower right of the screen). If you need a language other than English, choose the "Gear" icon to the right of "CC" and then choose "Subtitles" and scroll to the language you prefer. Then play the video normally and the subtitles will appear.