Newsletter – July 2019

Summer is the perfect time to get away from it all and recharge. But if you don’t have time for this, I’m offering a very special summer sale on ALL of my CDs and MP3 downloads for the month of July! See below for details and to order. And view my brand new Youtube video which provides more details…

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Somos hologramas

por Tanis Helliwell. Hace décadas, visité el Museo de holografía en la Ciudad de Nueva York. (cerrado desde 1992) que exhibía imágenes 3D de personas a escala real. No estaba preparada en absoluto para recibir el impacto que tendría en mí ver esto. Mientras observaba la imagen a escala real de un hombre andando en bicicleta, y la de un mujer tirándome un beso, me di cuenta de que...

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Newsletter – July 2018

Nature spirits workshop, the Netherlands

Our July newsletter is out! What’s inside: -a new Youtube video on Healing with the Body Elemental, part 1 of a talk from Hawkwood College, England -last call for our annual meditation retreat at Diamond Heart, July 15-21, 2018 -other upcoming North American workshops -European workshops, photo album View the full newsletter HERE

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Co-creando con los elementales: una travesía personal

Por Verena Mezger. Entrevista con Tanis Helliwell, Fundadora del International Institute for Transformation acerca de su camino espiritual y su relación con los espíritus de la naturaleza y con los elementales. VERENA: Tanis, ¿cómo comenzó tu propio camino espiritual? ¿Y cuándo? TANIS: Mi propio camino interior comenzó en mi infancia. Tenía los dones espirituales del viaje astral y la telepatía...

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Newsletter – June 2018

Our June 2018 newsletter is out! Inside: -a new article discussing Tanis’ personal spiritual journey -workshops in Europe this month -meditation retreat at Diamond Heart in July -new privacy policy for IIT, regarding the EU personal data protection regulations Read all about it here.

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Newsletter – April 2018

Meditation retreats with Tanis Helliwell

The April newsletter is now out! Inside: -Early bird registration on until May 1st for July 15-21 meditation retreat at Diamond Heart -10% discount on “Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose” for April -VIDEO: 20-minute Youtube video on “How to Become Your Authentic Self” -New Tanis Helliwell website View full newsletter HERE

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