Fear Transformed


A powerful program that moves you from fear to love.

Is fear controlling your life? Recognize the signs and get the guidance you need along the journey. You deserve to be happy!

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Are your fears holding you back?

Are you a slave to the negative effects of your past and worries about the future?

Sign up for the challenges that life presents – build an authentic brave heart!

This new program includes a revealing Fear Assessment that identifies specific areas of focus for you, like; fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of failure or success, and fear of loss of control. Become the person you always wanted to be!

Experience a past life regression to examine the cause of issues you’re facing today – and release them (an MP3/visualization on this is included).

Fear Transformed gives you actionable solutions to overcome these obstacles. You will:

  • Examine the differences between how you present yourself to the world and what is going on inside
  • Eliminate repetitive dialogues and issues
  • Develop self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love for a more confident you
  • Heal broken relationships, create harmonious relationships (an MP3/visualization on this is included)
  • Develop greater intimacy with yourself and others
  • Embrace gratitude as a way of life; appreciate the gifts in your life
  • Act on and achieve your life goals
  • Overcome your fear! (an MP3/visualization on this is included)

Step onto the path to achieving your highest potential. Liberate yourself from false illusions and gain a greater sense of freedom. It’s time to receive the support you really need to be happy and fulfilled in your life.

Become the Authentic you!


Transform your fears and live life to your full potential!

  • Only US $147 for the full course package
  • Extensive 70-page self-study workbook
  • 2 videos and 3 in-depth guided visualizations with Tanis, including a past life regression

>> BUY & DOWNLOAD “Fear Transformed” NOW! <<

FT-self-test-thumbnailReceive these valuable course materials today. SPECIAL OFFER: includes A 19-page Fear and Work Self-Tests (a $19.95 value) for FREE.

Participate in a complete self-study program or do it with friends!



Christoph Wasser, European Co-ordinator
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Manifest your Soul’s Purpose: The essential guide to life and work is the recommended text for this program. It is available in paperback or on Kindle.   For more information or purchase

Just follow the prompts and download your course materials after purchase. The workbook is downloaded in pdf format, it is not a printed book. The video is available online via a private link. if you have any questions about your download click here.



 If you wish to organize your own study or Skype group contact [email protected]

Recent graduates of our Fear Transformed course. Congratulations!

Powell River group-2016








 Recent graduates of the Fear Transformed self-study ecourse – congratulations!

“Fear is the biggest cause for holding us back in our lives and not living up to who we truly are. Learning to acknowledge and name the many fears we have and then face them is not easy but what is needed to lead the self-empowered and fulfilling lives we so yearn for. In her course, Fear Transformed, Tanis Helliwell offers powerful tools and practical exercises to do just that: address our fear, face our fear and then actually smile at our fear thus freeing us from it.”
–V. Deeken, management consultant, Germany

“Fear Transformed will help you uncover, face, and transform fears that are holding you back in becoming the person you are meant to be: braver, happier, and more compassionate.  A gift to yourself and others to help you uncover your true Self.”  –Sally Burnley

“For me it was important to discuss the different blockages that were caused by fear and to take time to examine the behavioural patterns that emerged in me from this. For example, I learned that my procrastination stems from fear of failure.”
–Katharina Megnet

“Tanis – thank you very much for the gift of the Fear Transformed course. The process, MP3s and our amazing group were a wonderful support to help with my shift/s and to move through my fears. This is all greatly appreciated.”
–Jody Béke, Leadership and Life Coach