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 Healing With The Body Elemental Meditation Retreat with Tanis Helliwell


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Come to this meditation retreat to release, relax, and rejuvenate your heart and soul. Come bathe in the beauty of nature. Your heart will be grateful and your soul satisfied.

Enjoy delicious local and organic food during your stay. You will also have time to enjoy beach walks, guided hikes, swimming and kayaking, and an opportunity to see resident eagles, seals and sea lions.

Our Body Elemental has been with us since the beginning of time. It is time to work together to bring our body to optimum health. Develop a deeper relationship with your body elemental—your body consciousness—to diagnose causes of physical, emotional, mental weaknesses and co-create with it for optimal health.

Gifts you receive from this 7-day retreat:

  • Learn about the mental and emotional causes of illness
  • Heal fears that create energy blocks in your cellular-etheric body to increase your frequency
  • Discover genetic and ancestral patterns to heal your family lineage
  • Exercises to dissolve negative thoughtforms that cause illness and pain
  • Find out how the mind and heart program the body
  • Learn heart meditations to create harmonious resonance and entrainment for all systems.
  • Practice techniques with others to remove energy blocks
  • How self-healing leads to healing of others and the Earth

Daily silent meditation, complimentary 1-hour private healing session, spiritual energization exercises, labyrinth, etheric clearing techniques.

To register contact: Sonya Roy  info(at)

PHONE: (011)778-808-6101

Cost $695+ GST early bird until May 1st, $795+ GST afterwards. Accommodation and meals extra.

Register early as space limited.


Tanis-Helliwell-april-2013Tanis Helliwell, M.Ed.,is a leading-edge psychotherapist, well-known for working with the body elemental to heal physical, emotional and mental traumas and patterns. Tanis teaches her techniques internationally to groups of psychiatrists, physicians, psychotherapists and other healing practitioners.



Additional presenters:

Jonathan Beals
Jonathan Beals, healer of deep psychic wounds in body and subconscious offers a complimentary healing session to each participant.
Sally Burnley, drummer and flutist – leads the spiritual energization exercise and labyrinth at the retreat.
Sonya Roy, spiritual healer, will be offering afternoon yoga sessions during the retreat.















Video taken in the bay at Diamond Heart:


Video of Diamond Heart:


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