To move to the next stage in our consciousness we must clear old thoughtforms that keep us tied to lower fearful frequencies.


This powerful uplifting CD is a helpful accompaniment to the IIT Fear Transformed Self-Study Course.

Track 1: In this live teleconference, “Rise of the Unconscious”  Tanis Helliwell speaks about how through early woundings we negate parts of ourselves and create a false persona to survive and be physically and emotionally safe. She describes the steps we go through to unite our personal and collective unconscious to be our authentic selves—a soul-infused personality.

Track 2: In the guided visualization in Track 2 called “Your Basic Goodness”, you release layers of critical thoughts and old programs that hold you in a limited unhappy state. This leads to heart opening and love for yourself and others as you joyfully discover you are wonderful just as you are.

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