Knowledge of the Body Elemental and learning to work with it is essential if we are to become creators.

CDBookletOutsideTemplateThis talk and visualization are the most often requested by participants in Tanis Helliwell’s workshops. This CD is a perfect accompaniment to her book, Summer with the Leprechauns, as well as the Spiritual Transformation Self-study Course that has a chapter specifically on the body elemental.

Track 1 of The Body Elemental is a talk which answers the question “What is the body elemental?” and discusses its purpose in creating your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, not just in this life but in all lives.

In the guided visualization in Track 2, called “Healing with your Body Elemental”, you will meet your body elemental and learn to work with it in order to discover the various areas of blocked energy in your body and the causes of these blocks. Then, you will learn to heal these areas to free your energy for health in all areas of your life.

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Available in Spanish here.

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