Transform Yourself – Live Online Retreat

A 3-month journey of self-discovery, renewal and rebirth

beginning January 2021 via Zoom video conferencing

The Time is NOW!

You have been waiting for this time for lifetimes. Join with other like-hearted people in our global community as we transform ourselves into the beings we are meant to be.

The time of the caterpillar is over. The time of the butterfly has come!

For 20 years Tanis Helliwell has been sharing the etheric clearing technique (ECT) with thousands of people around the world to prepare pioneers of the new stellar age.

You are called to be alive at this time.

How you benefit from this virtual course:

  • Learn the evolutionary new Etheric Clearing Technique (ECT) to release old beliefs and behaviors that sabotage you.
  • Free yourself from negative life themes and install positive ones.
  • Clear your cellular memory and physical cells of old patterns.
  • Examine the effects of positive and negative emotions on your heart.
  • Review positive and negative patterns in your life, and reinforce your strengths.
  • Learn the spiritual laws that govern your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
  • Let go of ego attachments and learn to trust your higher self and the Divine plan.
  • Learn the next steps for humanity and be part of this growing force of good in the world.

Transform Yourself is for spiritual seekers and pioneers of this coming Stellar Age. Join us for this exciting journey to awaken to your authentic self.

Join us for a 3 month journey of self-discovery, renewal and rebirth. Through LIVE talks by Tanis, community sessions with our global community, Q & A sessions, and meditations, you will TRANSFORM YOURSELF.

Our LIVE course launches in January 2021 and registration starts soon!

What you will receive:

This 15-week personal transformative retreat via Zoom includes:

  • Weekly live talks and discussions via Zoom, accompanied by extensive downloadable course workbook modules
  • Downloadable audio MP3 Clearings for your use
  • Live question and answer sessions with Tanis Helliwell
  • Guided visualization and meditations
  • Video recordings of Talks and Q&A sessions with Tanis which can be viewed anytime during and after the course, at your convenience

Recent graduates of our Transform Yourself course:

“After meeting and studying with Tanis, everything in my life made sense.”

Stephanie Kusie, Lawyer and former Canadian consul to San Salvador