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This is your page of spiritual transformation resources. I hope that the links below will help you on your journey. I look forward to co-creating with you this year!

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The IIT card for 2019 is “Delight”.


Each year focalizers choose a quality to hold for the year. You hold this quality for yourself, Tanis, the other focalizers, and IIT.  As you hold this quality, be aware of the opportunities Spirit presents for you around this quality and what you learn from the experience.

  • Theresa Aeschlimann – Honesty
  • Jonathan Beals  – Abundance
  • Monika Bernegg  – Peace
  • Werner Braun  –  Determination
  • Darwyn Boucher  – Beauty
  • Sally Burnley –  Sisterhood/Brotherhood
  • Alice Charland  – Forgiveness and Music
  • Julia Cipriani –  Humour
  • Maria Daly –  Creativity
  • Merle Dulmadge – Inspiration
  • Viola Ehlers –  Humour
  • Isabel Fottinger – Abundance
  • David Griffiths –  Responsibility
  • Natalina Hansen – Balance
  • Laura Harris – Balance
  • Tanis Helliwell – Relaxation
  • Jorg Hoffman –  Being present
  • Petra Huber – Peace
  • Shirley Kong
  • Stephanie Kusie – Practice
  • Jenny Linley – Compassion
  • Katharina Megnet – Humour
  • Ingrid Mettier  – Letting go
  • Verena Mezger – Love
  • Maggie Mills  –  Release
  • Donna Minielly  – Tender Integrity
  • Willa Miniely –  Flexibility
  • Irene Ocklenburg – Tenderness
  • Elyse Pomeranz – Creativity
  • Lara Pydde –  Purification
  • Janet Rouss –  Enthusiasm
  • Swantje Schakel  – Expectation
  • Pien van der Goes – Light
  • Christoph Wasser – Grace
  • Sarah Utz –  Love

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A typical work day for Tanis and Melany!

A typical work day for Tanis and Melany!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey of co-creation together!