Spiritual Transformation Quiz

Do you have Signs of Spiritual Transformation?

Discover if you are going through a spiritual transformation by completing a few quick and easy questions.

  1. Are you going through deep questioning about what you are doing in some aspect of your life?
  2. Do you feel overwhelmed?
  3. Are you having more difficulty controlling your emotions and do you cry or become angry more often?
  4. Do you feel that you can no longer do the same things or be the same person as before and yet are not sure what steps to take to change?
  5. Do your old roles of parent, partner, friend or co-worker no longer serve you and are you wanting to change your relationships?
  6. Do you feel like you are only living a fraction of who you are and do you want to fully embrace your whole self?
  7. Do you experience floating anxiety and worry and increasingly want to find peace and happiness?
  8. Have you tired of such quick fixes as buying a new car, house, holiday etc. that give only fleeting happiness and are you now wanting to find long-lasting peace?
  9. Do you feel out of control?
  10. Do others seem no longer comfortable with you and are they reacting to you differently and are friendships and relationships ending?
  11. Do you feel your life has moved into unknown territory where you no longer know the rules?
  12. Are you questioning values that you have held dear for most of your life?
  13. Are you interested in spiritual topics and in developing your spiritual gifts to become your authentic self?

If, in addition to the previous questions, you also agree with the following ones, the intensity of your signs of spiritual transformation increase:

14. Have you suffered a major setback in your life such as a health crisis, death of a loved one, relationship ending or career setback?
15. Are you feeling spiritually lost?

If the majority of your answers to these questions are ‘YES’ you are going through a spiritual transformation. Although you might feel overwhelmed and experiencing inner and outer stress with what appears to be a negative time in your life, in fact it is positive. You have learned and grown as much as you could up until now with your ego/personality in charge. Now your soul is calling you to become the REAL authentic you.

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